that’s what I’m living for

That’s what I’m living for, 2023 
Sound and realisation: Catharina Szonn and Catharina von Bülow

The Machine and the Woman - Convergence and Dependency. Get up. Taking dishes out. Cooking. Eating. Clear away. Washing up. Drying. Cleaning. Putting dishes away. Washing clothes. Hanging out the washing. Hanging out laundry. Carrying laundry. Taking off laundry. Why is the housewife's labour unpaid and do household appliances serve as a relief, a time-saver or a means of dependency?
Machine and human voices explore what reproductive labor can mean. Questions and answers emerge from a chat process via voice messages. Accompanied by Siri, DeepL and Google Translate voices and restless houshold appliances.
With texts by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Elfriede Jelinek, Henning Schmidgen and ideas from Catharina Szonn. Spoken dialogue by Katharina Bach, Catharina von Bülow, Catharina Szonn, Christina Elfriede Szonn and computer voices from translation programmes.

photo: Fenja Cambeis